How you end matters, finish strong.

With the year coming to an end, a lot of people would have given up on their plans and targets for this year. They would be looking at next year, setting new goals and making new plans, looking to the new year and preparing to take off properly.

Well, I have come to see that how you finish a level determines how you take off with the next and new level. The end of the year doesn’t mean all plans, goals, aspirations and set targets for the outgoing year should be left unfinished, but rather planned efforts should be made at achieving and finishing well.

Humans are spurred on by the success of previous tasks and are often pulled down by the fear of past failures, by that I mean,  a man who knows he will succeed is a man who is used to succeeding based on his past successes. He is spurred on to face the toughest of challenges because he knows he must win.

As we draw closer to 2016, ask yourself a vital question, “How well did I manage my resolutions and targets for this outgoing year?” if your answer is encouraging enough then bravo! you are clear to make new plans and set new goals. But if you are discouraged by what you discover, I encourage you to have those goals as your goals for the year 2016 and be determined to see them all fulfilled.

Remember, Success is built upon success. Finish strong and get ready to start well. Compliments.


Author: eseimagbe1

There's so much to say about me, but I'd let you say them. The key thing I know is that I love to bring out the best in other people, giving them the push they need to succeed

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