The No. 1 Law Of Happiness

Law Of Happiness

Let no author deceive you with many words, and create long lists of what you must do to be happy. If there must be a list, then I must say it’s a pretty short one.

If you have spent so much time reading and researching about what would make you really happy in life, hold on to your knowledge, don’t discard it just yet, but put it aside for a moment and lets reason together here.

Happiness is an internal state, by this I mean you do not owe your happiness to external factors. That is why people who understand exactly what happiness is are not moved by what happens around them. Happiness comes from within you,so you can’t attribute it to any external factor.

Why then do we talk about laws of happiness? Firstly, that question arises because the word “laws” is often misused in this context. What we get is, if these laws are not applied, we would be void of happiness. That’s so not true.

By law(s) here therefore, we would be talking about factors and principles upon which happiness thrives, rather than factors that brings about happiness.

What then is that law of happiness? It’s simple. Make People Around You Happy. No matter how absurd that may sound, it’s one sure way to enrich and continuously remain happy. It has a ripple effect and can be most fulfilling.

In my next post I will endeavor to explain more on the topic and hopefully make us see more of the law of happiness. Thanks for Reading. Please leave a comment below.




Author: eseimagbe1

There's so much to say about me, but I'd let you say them. The key thing I know is that I love to bring out the best in other people, giving them the push they need to succeed

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