Welcome Challenges!

The heading looks ratherchallengestrange, right? How could he tell us to welcome challenges? Well, I just said it, welcome challenges.

As a student in school, you were taught on a daily basis by the teacher/lecturer, and at specific periods you were required to move to a higher class, but to do this you needed to show that you had digested all you were taught in the current class, hence exams were given to enable you move to the next class. When you passed you were promoted to the next class, and when you didn’t pass you remained there, you were taught all over again and took another exam, till you passed you were not promoted.

We are students in life, every passing day we learn lessons (whether we are conscious of this fact or not) and at certain stages we are required to write exams to move to the next level in life, they come in form of challenges, just like it is in school when we don’t pass, we don’t move. They are a necessity for us, so welcome them.

Challenges don’t just come because we are not careful; they come because they are necessary for our growth. So when they come know that they have come for your promotion. Even at work, you get tough assignments and upon successful completion you are promoted, why? Because, you have proven yourself, you have shown that you have what it takes to handle tough tasks, hence you are promoted to handle even tougher once.

Challenges brings out the best in you, the true innovative spirit of a man is shown in trying times, this reminds me of Horace’s words, he said “Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant.” We come out from every challenge stronger and better.

Stand and receive the challenges that comes your way in life, having the mindset that they are here for your good, remember, if you believe they are here to pull you down, then they will, and that’s the reason most students fail in school, because even though they read for the exam, as soon as they saw the questions, they told themselves “this is too hard, I will fail” and fail they did.

I’d like you to know that challenges are what make life interesting, overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. Have a successful day. Thanks for reading.


Author: eseimagbe1

There's so much to say about me, but I'd let you say them. The key thing I know is that I love to bring out the best in other people, giving them the push they need to succeed

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