refuse to procrastinate

I fondly remember my lecturer Mr. J. A Nweke whenever I think about procrastination. He would always tell us back then “you have not started until you have started, and once you have started, you have started.” It always sounded very funny whenever he said those words to us, but as I began to meditate on them, I realized how deep those words were.

As humans, we have this mental disease we call procrastination, it is the biggest assassin of opportunity, ask yourself a question, why live for later what can be done now? The best time to do it is now. Don’t wait till later, begin the process even if you can’t finish it all at once, but you would have started, that’s what my lecturer was making us understand back then.

The late Myles Munroe once said that the richest place on earth is the cemetery, he sure had his reasons for saying that, I would say one of them is because of the great ideas a lot of people die with. There are so many unfulfilled dreams, unaccomplished missions and unexecuted plans. Refuse to leave this world with all the wisdom that’s in you.

Procrastination is the major reason for so many unexecuted plans. It is the biggest robber of success and the quickest way to deny you the achievements you could have had. Refuse to procrastinate and just make the move. That’s the main message I came to deliver to you today, the best way to start is to start. Don’t wait for the right moment; every time is the right moment.

Instead of making excuses and giving yourself reasons why you can’t do it .JUST START! One thing you must know, there will never be a very good time to start, so don’t make excuses and shift what can be done today to a tomorrow you are not certain of its forecast, act now! God Bless You.


Author: eseimagbe1

There's so much to say about me, but I'd let you say them. The key thing I know is that I love to bring out the best in other people, giving them the push they need to succeed

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