Stop The Talk and Do The Work!

There comes a time when talking doesn’t work anymore, people are not listening anymore, they don’t want to hear, they want to see. Actions speak volumes, but words no matter how powerful they are can be voided when they come in excess.

We must remember that a dream will be a dream except we wake up from sleep to make it a reality. We must channel our energies towards achieving goals and producing results, generating results that would inspire.

We must put away all the negative energy and channel our minds towards building positive mindsets that yield far reaching outcomes than we can imagine. We must give ourselves to mind management and development, because a mind that is developed and well managed will attain the purpose of living.

I believing in talking, I am a student of communication, therefore I know the importance of talking, but I talk to God and circumstances and I act to bring the things I want to see to come into reality.

I am Ese Imagbe and I believe in taking action. Welcome to my Blog!


If Only Nigeria Would Learn.

They say the first law of madness is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. When you have failed for so long, the only proper thing to do is look back and identify areas where you have made mistakes to correct them. Then and only then will salvation come.

Gratitude is a necessary attribute for any nation that plans to move forward and be great. Great people are grateful people.For the purpose of this topic I believe it won’t be wrong to suffice that great nations are grateful nations.

In sharp contrast to the rest of the world, Nigeria only celebrates the dead and criticize the living. A man is not great till he is dead. We are blessed to have some leaders who in the past have played their roles in taking us where we are as a nation today, but we ave forgotten them so soon. Our children are not taught about them.

When the person you’re thanking is no more alive to receive your gratitude, what happens. We just had an election, a transition from one regime to another, to a large extent it was peaceful. Instead of being grateful for the efforts of the past regime, what we had were insults and mass criticisms. Should we allow corruption thrive? NO! that’s a different topic altogether. What we are saying here is we must learn to say “thank you”.

Now we have a new government in place and what we have started is to insult the living light out of the president. No! a thousand times no. This ungrateful attitude has got to stop. Not just with leaders but also in our relationship with fellow Nigerians. Who said it’s wrong to say ‘thank you’ to the taxi driver who dropped you at your destination? ‘But I’m paying for it’ Yes you are, but what if you didn’t get one, even with your money.

We must learn to be grateful, celebrate the living and not the dead. Our leaders no matter how bad or corrupt they were had one or two things they contributed to making our lives better, let’s thank them for it.

What about God? how grateful are we as a nation to God. Nigeria is one nation that has so much and yet posses so little. Gratitude for what we have will bring what we need. we must change our way of living and teach our children to live right. Nigeria can be a great nation if we practice gratitude.Thank you for reading.


Welcome Challenges!

The heading looks ratherchallengestrange, right? How could he tell us to welcome challenges? Well, I just said it, welcome challenges.

As a student in school, you were taught on a daily basis by the teacher/lecturer, and at specific periods you were required to move to a higher class, but to do this you needed to show that you had digested all you were taught in the current class, hence exams were given to enable you move to the next class. When you passed you were promoted to the next class, and when you didn’t pass you remained there, you were taught all over again and took another exam, till you passed you were not promoted.

We are students in life, every passing day we learn lessons (whether we are conscious of this fact or not) and at certain stages we are required to write exams to move to the next level in life, they come in form of challenges, just like it is in school when we don’t pass, we don’t move. They are a necessity for us, so welcome them.

Challenges don’t just come because we are not careful; they come because they are necessary for our growth. So when they come know that they have come for your promotion. Even at work, you get tough assignments and upon successful completion you are promoted, why? Because, you have proven yourself, you have shown that you have what it takes to handle tough tasks, hence you are promoted to handle even tougher once.

Challenges brings out the best in you, the true innovative spirit of a man is shown in trying times, this reminds me of Horace’s words, he said “Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant.” We come out from every challenge stronger and better.

Stand and receive the challenges that comes your way in life, having the mindset that they are here for your good, remember, if you believe they are here to pull you down, then they will, and that’s the reason most students fail in school, because even though they read for the exam, as soon as they saw the questions, they told themselves “this is too hard, I will fail” and fail they did.

I’d like you to know that challenges are what make life interesting, overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. Have a successful day. Thanks for reading.


refuse to procrastinate

I fondly remember my lecturer Mr. J. A Nweke whenever I think about procrastination. He would always tell us back then “you have not started until you have started, and once you have started, you have started.” It always sounded very funny whenever he said those words to us, but as I began to meditate on them, I realized how deep those words were.

As humans, we have this mental disease we call procrastination, it is the biggest assassin of opportunity, ask yourself a question, why live for later what can be done now? The best time to do it is now. Don’t wait till later, begin the process even if you can’t finish it all at once, but you would have started, that’s what my lecturer was making us understand back then.

The late Myles Munroe once said that the richest place on earth is the cemetery, he sure had his reasons for saying that, I would say one of them is because of the great ideas a lot of people die with. There are so many unfulfilled dreams, unaccomplished missions and unexecuted plans. Refuse to leave this world with all the wisdom that’s in you.

Procrastination is the major reason for so many unexecuted plans. It is the biggest robber of success and the quickest way to deny you the achievements you could have had. Refuse to procrastinate and just make the move. That’s the main message I came to deliver to you today, the best way to start is to start. Don’t wait for the right moment; every time is the right moment.

Instead of making excuses and giving yourself reasons why you can’t do it .JUST START! One thing you must know, there will never be a very good time to start, so don’t make excuses and shift what can be done today to a tomorrow you are not certain of its forecast, act now! God Bless You.

The Plan Starts Now!

The year is already coming to a close, we are grateful for all we’ve been able to achieve this year and we look forward to next year with great expectations and hopes. But the future belongs to those who plan for it. So we must plan and the plan starts now.

Yes, the plan starts now. Are you planning to start a new business by February next year? The plan starts now. Do you intend to take professional exams by June next year? The plan starts now. Let’s say you don’t like the way this December has been for you and you want to make next December better, still the plan starts now.
Every plan is a step to achieving a specific goal. For a major plan for the year to be achieved, you must break the plan down to daily plans so as to achieve it all. You can’t just stay back and keep saying what you wish to accomplish without having a concrete plan.plan

The plan starts now, get an action note and state clearly each assignment to be carried out in the cause of the year. This way, you will stay focused and have a goal you are pursuing. This is quite simple; you can get a note and write down all you want to achieve in the cause of the year. Take for instance you want to start a business, you will write down the different stages involved in the start-up process, allot time to each process and assign responsibilities. This will not just help you stay focused; it will also set a time frame for your task.

We will be able to know how far we were able to accomplish when we plan properly. Remember, time is always on the move, the plan starts now. You may have made unconstructed plans for this year and ended up asking yourself why you couldn’t achieve much. You can avoid that this new year by having a plan for the year. Let the plan start now.

How you end matters, finish strong.

With the year coming to an end, a lot of people would have given up on their plans and targets for this year. They would be looking at next year, setting new goals and making new plans, looking to the new year and preparing to take off properly.

Well, I have come to see that how you finish a level determines how you take off with the next and new level. The end of the year doesn’t mean all plans, goals, aspirations and set targets for the outgoing year should be left unfinished, but rather planned efforts should be made at achieving and finishing well.

Humans are spurred on by the success of previous tasks and are often pulled down by the fear of past failures, by that I mean,  a man who knows he will succeed is a man who is used to succeeding based on his past successes. He is spurred on to face the toughest of challenges because he knows he must win.

As we draw closer to 2016, ask yourself a vital question, “How well did I manage my resolutions and targets for this outgoing year?” if your answer is encouraging enough then bravo! you are clear to make new plans and set new goals. But if you are discouraged by what you discover, I encourage you to have those goals as your goals for the year 2016 and be determined to see them all fulfilled.

Remember, Success is built upon success. Finish strong and get ready to start well. Compliments.

The No. 1 Law Of Happiness

Law Of Happiness

Let no author deceive you with many words, and create long lists of what you must do to be happy. If there must be a list, then I must say it’s a pretty short one.

If you have spent so much time reading and researching about what would make you really happy in life, hold on to your knowledge, don’t discard it just yet, but put it aside for a moment and lets reason together here.

Happiness is an internal state, by this I mean you do not owe your happiness to external factors. That is why people who understand exactly what happiness is are not moved by what happens around them. Happiness comes from within you,so you can’t attribute it to any external factor.

Why then do we talk about laws of happiness? Firstly, that question arises because the word “laws” is often misused in this context. What we get is, if these laws are not applied, we would be void of happiness. That’s so not true.

By law(s) here therefore, we would be talking about factors and principles upon which happiness thrives, rather than factors that brings about happiness.

What then is that law of happiness? It’s simple. Make People Around You Happy. No matter how absurd that may sound, it’s one sure way to enrich and continuously remain happy. It has a ripple effect and can be most fulfilling.

In my next post I will endeavor to explain more on the topic and hopefully make us see more of the law of happiness. Thanks for Reading. Please leave a comment below.